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Connect the dots on
The Three Point Zero Podcast

Have you invested in startups?

Have you mentored startup founders?

Are you an angel investor, accelerator,

venture capitalist or simply

passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship? Share your perspective, experiences and knowledge on the Three Point Zero Podcast. 

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Be featured as
an Inclusive Investor

Are you passionate about bridging the funding gap? Would you like to be recognised as an Inclusive Investor? Should female founder know about you?

Share your investor profile and we will include you in our Inclusive Investor list.

Not sure about why you should care?

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Join Foundry Pitch Box 

Are you an angel investor or a venture capitalist? Would you like to support ambitious female founders? Provide at least 30 mins of your time per month to provide feedback over a zoom call to business ideas from the Female Foundry community. It's so simple!

Share your

Do you think we could make things better? Do you have an idea that we could incorporate on the Female Foundry platform?


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