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Why Female Foundry?

In 2021 female founders raised a record amount of funding, despite that, the portion of the total venture capital raised by female-founded startups in the US and Europe remains at the low 2%.

Lack of Capital

Between 2016-2021 just 2% of the total venture capital was raised by female entrepreneurs. In comparison, all-male founding teams raised 94% of capital from 85% of all rounds. Also in 2021 the average deal size at the early VC and Series A rounds of all-male and mixed founding teams more than doubled that of female founders. 

Lack of Diversity in the Investment Community

One of the major barriers to better gender parity is a lack of diversity in the VC industry. The Experior Venture report found that 90% of capital is managed by male general partners, and 93% of all partners in VC firms are men. This follows similar trends seen in the UK VC industry. A 2019 survey by Diversity VC found that just one in 10 senior roles were taken by women. “Investor homophily” — attraction to similarity — is a significant cause of the imbalance at the fundraising level, according to a report by the European Commission. It found that VC firms with women partners are more than twice as likely to invest in women-led enterprises, and more than three times more likely to invest in enterprises with women CEOs. These VC firms, however, are a rarity in the startup ecosystem. Just 5% of venture capital funds have all-women general partners.

Based on the 2021 report published by, full report here

"I believe that diversity contributes to making a business successful and that every business opportunity should be evaluated based on its merits, no matter the gender makeup of the founding team".

Agata Nowicka 
Founder, Female Foundry
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Founder Profile

Based in London, UK, Agata Nowicka is a three-time entrepreneur, an angel investor, and a startup advisor.


Prior to starting Female Foundry, Agata founded CushiCush, an e-commerce platform in Hong Kong, and most recently, Pixel, a blockchain capital markets fintech platform.

Agata serves as an advisor to several early-stage startups focused on the development of Web3, the Future of Food, Marketplaces, and Fintech.

Agata is an alumnus of MBA program at INSEAD & Wharton Business School. 

Over the last four years Agata has been

a mentor and speaker at startup judge panels, accelerators, hackatons and demo days  accelerators. 

  • Techstars: Startup Mentor

  • Hult Prize: Judge and Mentor

  • Youth Hackaton: Entry Mentor

  • Loyal VC: Advisor

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Our mission at Female Foundry

There is no quick fix to a lack of funding for female founders; as a female founder myself, I know that the current situation will only change based on a cumulative action.

This is why I have developed a number of initiatives, that might help female founders, like me, to get funding. I am committed to bridging the gap between founders and funders, working together with female entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors, and diversity advocates, to make the startup ecosystem more diverse.

Help us change 
the status quo

Do you have ideas about how we can influence the current investment environment? Would you like to join

us on the mission to make investment community more inclusive and diverse?

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